Color Guild Membership Info

The Primary Objective of Color Guild:

The group of companies will pool their resources and purchasing clout for the maximum benefit of its members.  The combined resources should greatly enhance the appearance and quality of products produced.


  • Be an independent paint manufacturer
  • Willing to pay $5,000 initiation fee
  • Willing to pay annual dues of $1250.00 
  • Willing to play an active role for the betterment of the group

Benefits of Membership:

Aside from the many benefits you would receive as a result of networking the members of Color Guild, the central benefits of being a Color Guild member is to have access to a state of the art color system no company could purchase on their own.  Members of the group pooled their orders and purchased color cards.  Under normal circumstances if a member had purchased these cards, the cost would have been triple per unit.  Imagine the cost savings the group enjoyed.  Purchase of color collateral is a clear benefit of membership.

The Next Step:

If the objectives of Color Guild seem compatible with the direction of your organization, then our group may have appeal.  If you are independent privately owned paint manufacturer then you likely qualify for membership.  If the synergies of our group could be of benefit to your company, then perhaps there is a fit.  In short, if a Color Guild membership would add value to your company, then we should discuss the possibilities of you joining our group.

Please call Robert A.Shapiro at Color Guild, tel: 1-614-395-2470 for more information.

Color Guild Membership Application Form (PDF Format)


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